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Health Problems And Health-Care Seeking Behavior Of The Elderly In Bangladesh: A Study In Rural And Urban Area A S M Nurullah Awal KL_O_001 F3-5
Shifting Gear In Eye Care In Bangladesh A S Mohammad Nurullah Awal KL_O_002 F1-5
Antitrichomonal Activity Of Plant Extracts From Family Lamiaceae (Coleus Blumei, Oreganum Vulgare, And Vitex Negundo): In Vitro Studies Alexander Edward Dy KL_O_003 F3-4
Improving Health Behaviour Of Adolescent Girls Alimin Maidin KL_O_004 F2-2
An Exploratory Study On Emergency Contraceptive Pills Provision And Knowledge In Two Provinces In Vietnam Anh Tu Hoang KL_O_005 F1-6
Mothers' Perception And Practice Of Nutrition For The Under Five Children In Rural Bangladesh Animesh Biswas KL_O_006 F1-3
Indian Diabetes Risk Score Among Profesionals At Mangalore, India ANIMESH JAIN KL_O_007 F1-4
A Study Of Prevalence Of Smoking Among Medical Students At Mangalore, India ANIMESH JAIN KL_O_008 F1-4
Does Where We Live Matter? Ecological Analysis Of Maternal Health Indicators  In South Sulawesi Province Ansariadi Ansariadi KL_O_009 F1-6
Evaluation Of An Initiative To Introduce Family Medicine To Undergraduate Medical Students Asela Olupeliyawa KL_O_010 F1-1
Pattern Of Child Care Among Etnic Javanese Migrant And Etnic Mandar: A Site Culture Study With Ethnomethodological Approach Asiah Hamzah KL_O_011 F2-4
Orienting Undergraduate Students To Their Future Careers From Day 1 Of Their Degree: A Systematic Approach. Berni Murphy KL_O_012 F1-1
Genetically Engineered Foods: Do They Satisfy Consumer Concerns Regarding Nutrition And Safety? Bhensri Naemiratch KL_O_013 F1-3
Community  Self-Managed  For  Health  Development  In  The  Muslim  Community, Southern  Thailand BOONRUANG KHAONUAN KL_O_014 F1-5
Substance Use Behavior Aiming For Mood Adjustment Among Students Darika Chaiyakhun KL_O_015 F3-3
Bacterial Contamination On Foods And Drinks Sold In Canteens University Of Y, 2007 Dewi Susanna KL_O_016 F1-3
Emergency Obstetric Care Avaiability, Accessibility And Utilization In 33 Hospitals In Three Provinces Laos Pdr DOUANGPHACHANH XAYSOMPHOU KL_O_017 F1-6
Effectiveness Of A Lifestyle Intervention In Primary Prevention Of Diabetes In An Semi Urban South Asian Population With Impaired Fasting Glucose (Ifg) Dr R.P.P Karunapema KL_O_018 F1-4
Adaptation Of A Gender-Based Program To Young Men In Vietnam Duong Le Thi Thuy KL_O_019 F2-4
Stages Of Change Of Condom Use Among Truck Drivers In Yangon, Myanmar Ei Shwe Yi Win KL_O_020 F1-2
Undergraduate Education In Public Health Elahe Nezami KL_O_021 F1-1
Outcomes Of The School Health Action And Educational Resources Development (Shared) Project In Primary Schools In Loni, India Elizabeth Parker KL_O_022 F2-4
Delphi Process To Develop Child Health Indicators In Hong Kong Emily Chan KL_O_023 F2-4
Earthquakes In China Emily Y.Y. Chan KL_O_024 F3-4
Cardiometabolic Risk Of Employees In A Medical Centre In Kuala Lumpur Foong Ming Moy KL_O_025 F1-4
The Introduction Of Public Health Education And Training In A Community College: The Com-Fsm Example Giuseppe Cuboni KL_O_026 F1-1
An Examination Of The Effects, And Support Received By Victims Of The Bali Bombings: A Cross Cultural Case Study In Indonesia And Australia Gwen Brookes KL_O_027 F3-4
School-Based Program For Injury Prevention And Safety Promotion In Ismailia City, Egypt Hesham Fathey el Sayed KL_O_028 F3-1
The Revival Of Public Health Training: The Fiji School Of Medicine Story Hien Do KL_O_029 F1-1
Comparison Of Qaly Loss From Head Injuries Occurred In Motorcyclists With And Without Wearing A Helmet Hsin-Yi Lee KL_O_030 F3-1
The Role Of Family In Sex Education For Adolescents And Youth In An Era Of Globalization: Qualitative Research In Hanoi, Vietnam Huong Pham KL_O_031 F2-2
Development Of A Rapid Deployment Team In Disaster Management; Role Of Field Visits In Capacity Building Indunil Piyadigama KL_O_032 F1-5
Prevalence Of Sleep Disturbance Among Nurses In Melaka Hospital Ismail Saimy KL_O_033 F3-4
Delay In Treatment Of Pulmonary Tuberculosis In Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College Hospital, Aligarh, India JAVVAD SURI KL_O_034 F2-5
The Prevalence Of Drinking And Driving And Associated Factors: A Population-Based Study From Hong Kong Jean Kim KL_O_035 F3-1
Evaluation Of A New Insurance System For Migrant Workers In Shenzhen, China: Do They Differ In Socio-Demographic Factors, Health Service Needs And Health Utilization? Jin Mou KL_O_036 F1-5
Factors Predicting Condom Use During Commercial Sex And Their Moderating Effects Among Chinese Female Injecting Drug Users (Idu) Who Are Also Female Sex Workers (Fsw) Jing Gu KL_O_037 F1-2
Comparing The Prevalence Of Condom Use And Service Utilization Among Internet-Recruited And Venue-Recruited Recruited Msm Joseph Lau KL_O_038 F1-2
Economic Evaluation Of Screening By Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (Dexa) And Treatment By Bisphosphonates For Osteoporosis In Chinese Elderly Aged 65 Or Above Josette Sin-yee Chor KL_O_039 F3-5
Parental Smoking Attitudes As A Mediating Factors In Adolescent Media Use And Appraisals Of Smoking Imagery. Judith McCool KL_O_040 F2-2
Situation Of Existing Surveillance System In Northeastern Health Centres Of Thailand kesorn Thaewnongiew KL_O_041 F2-5
Handgrip Strength Of Rural Elderly In Pahang, Malaysia Kok Wai Kee KL_O_042 F3-5
Establishment Of Foreign Placement Coordinating Centre (Fpcc) For Medical Officers  In Sri Lanka Kremlin Wickramasinghe KL_O_043 F1-5
Violent Customers And Hiv/Aids: Occupational Hazards For Women In Prostitution, In Pune, India. Lakshmi Tata KL_O_044 F1-2
Childhood Morbidity And Health Seeking Pattern Among Mothers Having Children Below Five Years In Jumla District, West Part Of Nepal Lal B Rawal KL_O_045 F1-6
Diesel Engine Exhaust And Risk For Occupational Cancers Le Jian KL_O_046 F1-4
The Association Of Psychological Suppression And Copying Style On Sexual Behavior For Chinese Vocational School Students Li Wang KL_O_047 F2-2
The Use Of Lepidium Meyenii (Maca) On Hormone Profile And Sypmtoms In Postmenopausal Women Lily Stojanovska KL_O_048 F3-5
Calcium Absorption In Australian Osteopenic Postmenopausal Women: Comparative Study Of Fortified And Fermented Fortified Soymilk To Cow's Milk Lily Stojanovska KL_O_049 F3-5
Men's Attitudes Toward The Human Papillomavirus Vaccination: Perspectives From Focus Groups Li-Ping Wong KL_O_050 F2-2
Life Style Intervention In Health Improvement And Prevention Study: "Change  For Hips " Program MAHNAZ FANAIAN KL_O_051 F1-3
Risk Factors For Serious Farm Work-Related Injury In Australia: Results Of The Farm Injury Risk Among Men (Firm) Study Malcolm Sim KL_O_052 F3-1
Use Of Compulsory License During National Emergency: Viewpoint Of Pharmaceutical Companies In India Manthan Janodia KL_O_053 F3-4
Ethnic Differences In Morphology And Fat Distribution In Australian Caucasian And Indigenous Children Masaharu Kagawa KL_O_054 F1-3
Breast Cancer Awareness And Bse Practice Among Females Of Pahang, Malaysia Maznah Dahlui KL_O_055 F3-2
Underutilization Of Health Care Facilities By Service Receivers In Selected Rural And Urban Areas Of Bangladesh Md Aminul Haque KL_O_056 F2-5
Differential Determinants Of Chronic Malnutrition Among Pre-School Children: A Study Based On Dhaka City Md. Aminul Haque KL_O_057 F1-3
Access To Health Care Of The Poor People In Rural Areas In Bangladesh Md. Aminul Haque KL_O_058 F1-5
Traditional Cutting: Perceptions Of Health And Community Outreach Service Workers About Issues And Management Of Female Genital Mutilation And Perinatal Care Mimmie Ngum Chi KL_O_059 F1-6
Health Education During The Tuberculosis Diagnostic Process  In The Puskesmas, At Sidoarjo District, East Java Muji Sulistyowati KL_O_061 F2-5
Eating Behavior And Related Factors Among A Group At High Risk Of Developing Chronic Diseases In Banpaew District, Samut Sakorn Province, Thailand Nancy Noma KL_O_062 F1-3
Reassessing The Knowledge, Practices And Attitudes Of Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Women Aged 18 To 49, 2008 Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan KL_O_063 F3-2
A Survey Of Knowledge And Perceptions Of Menopause Among Young To Middle-Aged Women In Federal Territory Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Nur Liyana Abd Hamid KL_O_064 F1-6
Blood Lead Level And Cardiovascular Risk Factors Among Bus Drivers In Bangkok, Thailand Orawan Kaewboonchoo KL_O_065 F1-4
Assessment Of Public Health Research In Mongolia 2004-2007 Oyunaa Lkhagvasuren KL_O_066 F1-1
Increasing Male Involvement In Reproductive Health Through An Implementation Of Behavior Change Communication Strategy: Lessons Learned Oyunaa Lkhagvasuren KL_O_067 F1-6
Improving Knowledge Of Factors That Influence The Risk Behaviours Of School Children In Viet Nam Phuong Tran KL_O_068 F2-2
Job Characteristics, Anger, Emotional Exhaustion And Work Ability Related To Nursing Practice Errors Among Professional Nurses In General Hospitals Under The Ministry Of Public Health, Thailand. Pimpan Silpasuwan KL_O_069 F3-4
Sudden Unexpected Deaths Due To Tuberculosis Prateek Rastogi KL_O_070 F2-5
A 21-Year Review Of Hiv/Aids Patients Seen In The University Of Malaya Medical Centre Rahayu Lubis KL_O_071 F1-2
Occupational Exposure Of Sharps Among Veterinary Students And Interns In India Rajesh Kumar KL_O_072 F3-4
Assessment Of Available Infrastructure For Maintenance Of Hygiene In Poultry Butchers' Shops For Healthy Meat Production In Bihar, India Rajesh Kumar KL_O_073 F1-3
The Socio-Cultural Consequences Of Long-Term Pregnancy Related Morbidities On Women's Lives: Findings From A Rural  Area Of Bangladesh Rasheda Khan KL_O_074 F1-6
Structural Equation Model Of The Adolescence Risk Behavior In Hiv Transmission Rita Damayanti KL_O_075 F1-2
Cancer Surveillence In Australia Robert Burton KL_O_076 F1-4
Impact Of Social And Cultural Beliefs And Reproductive Health Knowledge On Treatment Seeking Behaviour Of Subfertile Couples Visiting Two Sepcialized Subfertility Clinics In Sri Lanka Rusiru Munasinghe KL_O_077 F1-6
Psychosocial Issues Of Ageing In Kazakhstan Saltanat Yegeubaeva KL_O_078 F3-5
IEC Development On Reproductive Health And Hiv/Aids Preventtion For Students In Islamic Schools, Makassar, Indonesia Sani Silwana KL_O_079 F1-2
Age Initiation Of Smoking Is An Increasing Factor For The Risk Of Hypertension SANTI MARTINI KL_O_080 F1-4
Unsafe Abortion: A Birth Control Method Among Unmarried Returned Migrant Women In A Rural Cambodian Community Shalika Hegde KL_O_081 F2-1
Promoting Reproductive Health (Rh) In The Developing Countries Through South-South Cooperation (Ssc) Sheikh Mohammed Shariful Islam KL_O_082 F2-1
Dynamic Changes Of Heart Rate Variability, Blood Pressure, And Recovery Under Different Work Shifts In Young Women Shih-Hsiang Lo KL_O_083 F1-4
Knowledge Of Risk Of Transmission Of Infectious Diseases Among Dentists In Trivandrum City, Kerala, India. Simy Mathew KL_O_084 F2-5
Marginalised Sexuality: A Study On Socio-Cultural Scenario Of Gay People In Kathmandu SUDAN RAI KL_O_085 F2-5
HIV & Sexual Reproductive Health Hotline/Helpline Counseling Service Sujan Jirel KL_O_086 F1-2
Adolescents Perception Of Reproductive Health Care Services In Sri Lanka Suneth Agampodi KL_O_087 F3-3
Intra-Rater And Inter-Rater Reliability Of Haemoglobin Colour Scale Method In A Field Setting Suneth Agampodi KL_O_088 F1-1
Effectiveness Of Low Cost Public Health Staff Training To Improve Six Month Exclusive Breastfeeding Suneth Agampodi KL_O_089 F1-5
Applied Research For Outreach Activities In Kampot Province, Cambodia Supheap Leang KL_O_090 F1-5
Communality Level And Intention Of Health Officers For Their Removal From Dangerous Area: Amphor Ruso, Narathiwat Province, Thailand Surachart Na Nongkhai KL_O_091 F1-5
Performance Biogas Production Of Upflow Sludge Bed Filter Anaerobic System For Noodle Soup Wastewater Treatment SUTASINEE UNGSOONGNERN KL_O_092 F3-4
Comparison Of The Health Status Of The Children Aged Between 6 -12 Years Reared By Grandparent And Parent Sutham Nanthamongkolchai KL_O_093 F3-3
Factors Related To Self Care Practice On Dietary Management Among Type Ii Diabetes Patients Attending At Birdem Opd, Dhaka, Bangladesh Tamjida Hanfi KL_O_094 F1-4
Stigma, Secrecy And Openness In First Episode Psychosis Terence McCann KL_O_095 F3-2
National Report On Violence And Health In Sri Lanka Terrence de Silva KL_O_096 F3-4
Web-Based Distance Learning In The Graduate School Of Health Sciences-A Case Study Of Internatinal Maternal And Child Health Course- Tomiko Hokama KL_O_097 F1-1
Role Modeling Of Mothers Would Make A Change On Fruit And Vegetable Consumption Of Young Children: Case Study In Hong Kong. Tony Yung KL_O_098 F1-3
Describing Substance Abuse Among Adolescent In Surabaya, East Java Due To Transtheoretical Model Tri Anggun Prihanti KL_O_099 F3-3
Reproductive Health In The Bachelor Of Public Health (Bph) Curriculum Trude Bennett KL_O_100 F1-1
An Enormous Hepatitis B Virus-Related Liver Disease Burden Projected In Vietnam By 2025 Van Nguyen KL_O_101 F2-5
Effect Of Conselling On Improving Food Consumption And Weight Gain Of Pregnant Mothers In Makassar, Indonesia Veni Hadju KL_O_102 F1-3
Reproductive Health Outcome From Workplace Exposure To Chloroform And Voc. Victor Hoe KL_O_103 F2-1
Evaluation Of A Cognitive Behavioural Bibliotherapy Self- Help Intervention Program On The Promotion Of Resilience In Individuals With Depression Wallapa Songprakun KL_O_104 F1-5
Evolution And Perspectives Of Public Health Education In Taiwan Wen-Chi Wu KL_O_105 F1-1
Impact Of Migration On Adolescent Health In Rural China Yang Gao KL_O_106 F3-3

Analysis On Weak Health Care Functions In The Community: Case Study At Kamakura District In Japan

Yoshihisa WATANABE KL_O_107 F2-3
Industhealth Information System Based On Electronic Health Record For Workplace Health Promotion Young Moon Chae KL_O_108 F2-3
Masculinity & Resistance To Condoms: The Bane Of Hiv Prevention & Control Yut-Lin WONG KL_O_110 F1-2
Risk Factors Of Traffic Accident In Labuang Baji Hospital, Makassar, 2002-2004 Arsunan Arsin KL_O_111 F3-1
Analysis Of Lost Due To Occupational Accident In Semen Bosowa Industry Maros South Sulawesi Atjo Wahyu KL_O_112 F3-4
A Rct Online Intervention To Prevent Hazardous Drinking By University Students Bruce Maycock KL_O_113 F2-3
Social Relationships And Healthy Aging Among Thai Older Persons: Do Kinship And Friendship Networks Matter? Kattika Thanakwang KL_O_114 F3-5
Strategies Of Falls Prevention In Older People Mau-Roung Lin KL_O_115 F3-5
Estimation Of Household Indirect Cost And Its Determinants By Using Three Validation Methods Tin Su Tin KL_O_116 F2-3

Risk Factors In The Incidence Of Previa Placenta At The Lakipadada General Hospital, Tana Toraja Regency In 2005-2007

Andi Zulkifly KL_O_117 F2-1

Prevalence And Risk Factors For Metabolic Syndrome In Vientiane Capital, Lao Pdr

Bounelome KEOBOUAHOME KL_O_118 F3-2

How New Telecommunications Technology Can Be Used To Improve The Prevention And Management Of Ncds

Brian Oldenburg KL_O_119 F3-2

Association Between Sharp Injuries And Occupational Hepatitis B Among Health Care Workers

Duc Du Hong KL_O_120 F3-1

Poverty As A Barrier To Women's Health Status And Care In Thua Thien - Hue And Vinh Long Provinces

Hanh Duong KL_O_121 F2-4

Realising The Promise Of Information And Communication Technologies (ICT)For The Improvement Of Public Health

Ian Rouse KL_O_123 F1-1

The Patterns Of Disease Among The Socio-Demographically Disadvantaged Residents In The Western Suburbs Of Melbourne.

Ian Rouse KL_O_124 F2-3

The Development Of Hazart Analysis Critical Control Point System For Nutrition Unit Of Budhi Asih Provincial Hospital, East Jakarta, Indonesia, 2007

Jerico Franciscus Pardosi KL_O_125 F1-3

Ergonomic Risk Factor Assessment On Manual Handling At Weighting, Process Activities And Packing Unit Of Pt.Y Manufacturing Skin And Hair Care Indonesia, 2007

Jerico Franciscus Pardosi KL_O_126 F3-4

Reasons For Initiating Drug Use In Adolescents And Youths In Yunnan, China

Jianghong Li KL_O_127 F3-3

Impact And Prevention Of Traffic Accident Related To The Environment At East Java Province Indonesia


Intra-Hospital Administration Coordination And Interventions Improve Outcome Of Patients With Acute Myocardial Injury By Shorting Door- To -Balloon Time

Jui-Ping Lin KL_O_129 F3-2

Knowledge, Attitudes, And Perceived Barriers Regarding Implementation Of Tobacco Control Measures Among Representatives Of Local Self-Government Bodies In, Kerala, India.

Kavumpurathu Thankappan KL_O_130 F3-2

Remaining Life Expectancy Among Older People In A Rural Area Of Vietnam: Trends And Socioeconomic Inequalities During A Period Of Multiple Transitions.

Le Van Hoi KL_O_131 F3-5

Depression And Suicidal Ideation Among Adolescents In Three East Asian Countries

Michael Dunne KL_O_132 F3-3

Dietary Patterns And Mental Health In Early Adolescence: The Western Australian Pregnancy Cohort (Raine) Study

Monique Robinson KL_O_133 F1-3

Moslem Student Notion And Attitude On Health Reproduction At Islamic School (Pondok Pesantren) Ummul Mukminin Makassar City

muhammad syafar KL_O_134 F3-3

Situation Analysis Of Infrastructure And Human Resources For Injury Prevention And Control In Nepal

Nilambar Jha KL_O_135 F3-1

Situational Analysis Of Public Health Care Facilities Vis-À-Vis Indian Public Health Standards (Iphs) In The State Of Orissa

saji saraswathy Gopalan KL_O_136 F2-4

Household Economic Impact Of An Emerging Disease: An Investigation Of Chikungunya Outbreak In Orissa, India

saji saraswathy Gopalan KL_O_137 F2-4

Socio-Cultural Realities And Importance Of Interventional Aids Education

SAJITH Jayasree Sadanandan KL_O_138 F2-6

Study On The Relation Between Vechile Accidents And Sleep Disorders

SAJITH Jayasree Sadanandan KL_O_139 F3-1

Commercial Male Sex Workers And Condom Use To Prevent Hiv/Aids In Kathmandu, Nepal

Santosh Gurung KL_O_140 F2-6

Emergency Contraceptive Pill: Knowledge, Attitude And Acceptability Among Unmarried Adoloscents And Early Adults In Kathmandu, Nepal

Sewa Singh KL_O_141 F3-3

Socio-Epidemiology Of Antepartum Foetal Death In Tertiary Hospital Setting

Syed Muhammad Baqui Billah KL_O_142 F2-1

Prevalence And Secular Trends In Overweight And Obese Taiwanese Children And Adolescents In 1991-2003

Tsan-Hon Liou KL_O_143 F3-2

Urban-Rural Differences In Body Height And Weight Of Taiwanese Children

Tsan-Hon Liou KL_O_144 F1-3

Analysis Of The Current Monitoring And Evaluation Environment Of National HIV/AIDS Programme In Mongolia

Tsogtbaatar Byambaa KL_O_145 F2-6

Inconsistent Condom Use Among Hiv Discordant And Concordant Couples In The rural Area Of China: Are Condom Efficacy And Prior Condom Use The Predicting Factors?



KL_O_146 F1-2
Accuracy Of Student Spectacles In Rural China: Programme Implications Abhishek Sharma KL_O_147 F2-3
Universal Precaution Practices Towards Hiv/Aids Among Dentists Of Balochistan, Pakistan Ashfaq Ahmed KL_O_148 F2-6
The Effect Of National Health Insurance On Socioeconomic Inequalities In Life Expectancy In Taiwan Chun-tung Kuo KL_O_149 F2-3
A Case-Crossover Study Of Temperature And Mortality In A Subtropical, Urban Setting Jacqueline Kim KL_O_150 F3-1
Quality Of Care From Clients' Perspective At A Primary Care Facility Nithra Kitreerawutiwong KL_O_151 F2-4
Sedentary Activities In Leisure Time Are Highly Associated With Obesity Among Adolescents In Taiwan Tsan-Hon Liou KL_O_152 F3-2
Community Acceptance To People Living With Hiv/Aids (Pwha) And Community Involvement In Hiv/Aids Prevention And Control Program, The Bangkok Metropolitan Area Kanittha Chamroonsawasdi KL_O_153 F2-6



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